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Monday, January 3, 2011


This will explain and give examples of my Advertisement Company Concept. As I stated earlier at, "My Advertisement Raffles" , I have updated my concept and will be showing the new updates as well as the old concept here. Imagine a home page with the 50 States abbreviations as links. When you click onto a link, that States City's and County"s will come up. Then you would click onto one of those city's or County's. Then the type of business would appear by keywords. Restaurants, Hardware etc:.. Then the Businesses would come up in alphabetical order. Then you would click onto your choice and visit their website. I would also provide them with a "Flip Screen Advertisement" in a separate link on the, "Home Page", of the Website. Every business that pays the $500.00 a year would get their website "Home Page", as a one minute, "Flip Ad", that displays at least one time every 24 hours, for a minute. I will set up as many "Flip Ad" links as needed to provide every paying business, at least one "Flip Ad" a 24 hour period. That is 365 minutes a year, that their website will be displayed at my website. I will also be setting up these "Flip Ad's" by, State as well as by a National link. Their website will come up at least one time daily on the State, "Flip Ad Link" and at least one time on the "National Flip Ad Link". I might have to set up optional links to facilitate the space for every paying business. If there are minutes that are not filled up by paying businesses, then I will display "Free Public Service Announcements" to fill in the empty minutes. All these will display in random order every 24 hours. I will set up the random selection to cover all the optional links. Example, "State Flip Ad's Option Link "One, Two, Three etc:..". All those businesses in that, "States Link Site", will shuffle throughout the option links. Every 24 hours, it will re-shuffle and randomly display them again.

Basically, for $500.00 each paying business gets,

1. A listing in the City/County in the State, of their choice.

2. They get their website, "Home Page", displayed for one minute on the options link site on their State choice and on the National options link. That is 730 times a year that I will display their business website, "Home Page". I will also be utilizing the, Inbox Icon", on the, "Flip Ad Option Links" that will send the business website link and information to the registered inbox of the user/viewer. You will be able to click onto the icon and their website business info will be sent to your inbox on your e-mail account. There will be 1,440 one minute "Flip Ad" spaces available per 24 hour day. Again, if I only 1,400 businesses pay for ad space on my website, then I will use 40 public service, "One Minute Flip Ad's" to fill up the 1,440 spaces. If I have 2,000 businesses on the, "Flip Ad Option Links", then I will use 800 public service one minute ads. These are ads like, "Click it or Ticket", "Save the Whales", "Jerry's Kids/M.D.A.", "Stop Domestic Violence", "Rock the Vote", "One.org", etc:.. All the 1,400 ads per each option link will be shuffled together and randomly displayed at least once in each 24 hour time frame. If I have 2,800 business ads, then they will be shuffled and half will play on option one and the other half will play on option two, on the National Option Links. The State links will vary but I will display each business in each States web link at least once every 24 hours.

3. I will also buy Advertisement space in Local and National Media Companies advertising my, "Online Business Advertisement Company Website".

4. I will be setting up a "BlogTalkRadio" website and randomly mentioning any and all of the businesses and their website links on that Venue.

I will be forwarding this to "Capitol Federal Savings" and I hope they are 9interested in becoming my Bank of choice to get this up and running. I respect that Google/Blogger and Capitol Federal Savings may get more than I get in the long run. I am OK with that.

I will be updating this post and keeping in touch with you all.

Herbert West 3rd.

This Concept/Raffle, Copyright {C} Herbert West 3rd. See, "Poor Mans Copyright".

Also see me at http://usabusinessadvertisements.blogspot.com/2011/02/usa-business-advertisements-raffle.html

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Advertisement Raffles.

**Update** **April 26TH, 2011**

This post has been redone. I have changed my company and habve an E.I.N. through the I.R.S.. It is E.I.N. 45-1473168 See the new post at !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have developed an Advertisement Raffle Concept. I will looking into get it up and running soon. Keep in touch here to see this Advertisement Raffle Concept evolve into a Business, as I update here. I plan on communicating with the,

Fraternal Order of Police,

to utilize this idea/concept on the National level. As disclosure, this will be a company/business separate from my campaign for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Good morning. It is March 08, 2010.

Lets look at the categories to this concept/business idea.

1. Financial Resources.

..A. Current Businesses in a given area or territory. A Neighborhood, Township, City, County, State etc:.. They all have Law Enforcement designates. Each are will need a minimum of 240 businesses that participate on a weekly basis. This can be a combined area as defined. I will explain why.

..B. These businesses pay taxes. They need to consider the amount they pay a year in business income tax. They need to consider spending $10.00 a week or up to $520.00 a year in an additional business expense instead of that amount being paid in income tax. The $520.00 is the amount if they utilize every week at $10.00 a week.

2. Neighborhood/Population Resources.

..A. The population in a given area.

..B. The availability of population interaction with the population in a given area. These include, the Internet, visual media, bill boards, community boards and a designated "Raffle Center" per area, as stated in 1. and 2. thus far.

3. State/Federal Legality.

..A. The Legal allow ables per State vary. The Federal is usually universal. So lets look at the more stringent State Laws for a 50 State utilization for raffles.

..A-1. You cannot charge for a Raffle Ticket. A-2. The prize cannot exceed $500.00 per single drawing, per the Federal I.R.S. Code. A-3. The participants must be a minimum age of 18 with an authorized State I.D..

4. The Advertising Format and Raffle Interaction.

..A. There are 60 minutes in an hour. Each business that pays $10.00 a week would get there Advertisement displayed on the screen for one minute. Every minute this changes to another paid Business Advertisement. This would be 60 businesses per hour. This hour repeats itself 24 times in a 24 hour day. This happens on a 7 day basis. 60 businesses times $10.00 is $600.00 a week in gross revenue to my business. With today's larger big screens or flat screens I can fit 4 Advertisement Still Shots on the screen. I would divide the screen into 4 squares. That would facilitate, 240 paid businesses Advertisements. 240 times $10.00 is $2400.00 a week in gross revenue. I would use a, "Designated Raffle Center", in each area, as defined above, to display these Advertisements on the flat screen and I would offer the website to see these Advertisements on the Internet, free of charge to the Raffle Participants or anyone else and they can see this via any computer. This generates Advertisement for these businesses. To increase the views by participants to see these business Advertisements, I would give away $480.00 a week in a "Raffle Format", ""FREE OF CHARGE""! That would be 24 $20.00 winners a week per designated area as defined above. People would go to the "Designated Raffle Center" per designated area and ask for 24 Raffle Tickets a day. They would show I.D. and the tickets will be filled out in front of the staff at the "Raffle Center", during its posted hours of ticket operations. These "Raffle Tickets" are the carnival drawing type. They are perforated and are a 2 piece type ticket. One half is given to the player and the other half is dropped into the drawing bin. The one going into the drawing bin, has places on the back to write down the players name, address and etc:.. Each half of these tickets has a duplicate number. They participants can place all 24 tickets into one bin or they can divide them up to all 24 bins at the "Raffle Center". They can come back in or come in 6 days a week, and do the same thing again. The tickets will be distributed and placed in the bins at the "Designated Raffle Center" only. No outside tickets will be allowed. If an individual goes into a "Designated Raffle Center" 6 days in a row and asks for 24 tickets each day, they have 144 chances at $20.00 in that weeks 24 separate drawings! Each bin is a separate drawing. They can win up to 24 times in that week. The day of the drawing, no tickets will be given away and the bins will be sealed the end of the prior day, in reflection to the "Centers Hours Of Operation". The drawing will be done live on that 7Th day. If the winners are present and have their ticket stub with their I.D. that matches the winning drawn tickets, they get paid. If they are not present they will have to come back in during the posted, "Center Hours of Operation", to claim their prize or prizes. These cash prizes are "TAX EXEMPT". The winner doesn't have to declare any of the winnings because the winnings are below the "I.R.S. Federal Tax Code" of $500.00 per drawing!

..I am hoping that the National Fraternal Order of Police would consider running these Raffles Nationally through their F.O.P. contacts and paying me a royalty for the concept. They are at, http://www.grandlodgefop.org/

..They could generate $2,400 a week gross in a given area, times the number of areas they set up Nationally. Lets say they set up 200 areas. That is $480,000.00 a week in gross revenue. Take that times 20%, for the prize money given away as stated above, to the general public. That is $96,000.00 a week given away at these "Designated Raffle Center's" in the "Designated areas. Take the $480,000.00 times 52 weeks. Take the $96,000.00 times 52 weeks. That is the amount of money/revenue that will be utilized. All the "Designated Areas" will be available on the Internet. Tourist and curious people can watch the Advertisement flips from their computer in all the "Designated Areas". That promotes National/International Advertisement exposure. I would be happy with ".50" cents of every "Gross Revenue" $10.00 that comes in from all the "Designated Areas" a week. After expenses, the National Fraternal Order of Police would keep all profits at the Advertisement/Not-For-Profit Status tax rate.

..Again, this concept is not a part of my campaign for Governor, as a candidate for Kansas Governor. This is being shown on my website I have had since, 2005, as a "Personal Business Endeavor". I could become a

"" "Fraternal Order of Police Associate Member" "",

if they desire or require this.

..I contacted them this morning and am waiting for a response. I will be considering contacting "" "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" "" for this concept/business idea also.

..I also want to elaborate on how the Internet is a large part of this concept/business idea. When people view each territory or area on the Internet, they will see 4 advertisements at a time. The Internet Site will allow them to pre-register their e-mail address, if they choose. They will be able to click onto each of the four advertisements that they choose to click onto. When they click onto any of the four advertisements, it will send an e-mail message to their pre-registered e-mail account. This message will provide the contracted information the business, which paid the $10.00 a week, provided to the "Designated Raffle Center". These $10.00 ad's will shuffle and will display in a different order on the hourly basis, rotation. Each individual ad will also shuffle in placement and rotation showing it with three different ad's each hourly rotation. In this each hour will be different.

..Also, if a "Designated Territory/Area has enough businesses to run two 240 Advertisements, I will run two separate 240 Advertisement Raffles in the same Territory/Area at the same time. The businesses will need to pay $10.00 per week, per "Advertisement Raffle". I will use an average of 240 per drawing set up. As an example, Topeka Kansas has 1,900 businesses. I could easily set up two, 240 Business Advertisement Raffles. I will keep in touch, thanks.

..Ways to fund this idea.

..1. I could buy a building, through a bank. I sell, "Billboard", space on the outside of the building for $150,000.00, for one years use. Other Billboard companies charge $30,000.00 a week. On a $500,000.00 building using a 30 year mortgage, my monthly payment would be, $3,500.00 a month. The $150,000.00 a year paid in advance by the company using the Billboard, would pay the mortgage on the loan. I could then rent a 3 foot by 3 foot square space to charities, churches, organizations, etc:.. and allow them to set a Vending Machine in this rented space. I would charge $25.00 a month for this space. I would pay the utility bills. They would service their machines. Each machine would have to display contact information for any concerns or complaints with their machine or machines that may come up. If I get a big enough building, I could have up to 100 Vending Machine spaces. That is $2,500.00 a month towards the utility bills, personal property tax, business insurance etc:.. and the mortgage on the building. This or these building would be on busy streets or highways. As a private business I can set my own rates. $30,000.00 a week times 52 weeks is extremely greater than $150,000.00 a year. People would only get 5 weeks using the current Billboard rates. I would be offering one year for the same 5 week rate.

**Update** March 13TH, 2010**

So far the "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" have not returned any e-mails. I also have not heard back from the "F.O.P.". "H & R Block" has not returned my call either. I did touch base with "Midway Shopping Center" in K.C.K. but she has also not returned my e-mails or calls. I did e-mail the FBI Field Offices and I called the Kansas City Secret Service Field Office to see if they would be interested in doing these ideas as a Government Program. I will keep you posted as updates come in. I feel I have the right to stake my claim on these ideas. No one else has done them. This makes them unique and makes them mine. Anyone who wants to use them has to go through me or through who I designate or contract with.

**Update** March 22ND, 2010**

I feel the 50 States Attorney Generals can combine in a "Pilot Program" and utilize this concept. Each Attorney General can receive a $ One Million Dollar Stimulus Grant and they can combine these into a 50 State, $50 Million Dollar Fund/Account and do the idea above, with other ideas. It also slows down companies from "State Hopping" looking for Tax Exemptions and putting a burden on the rest of the citizens of each of the 50 State's as they come in and leave. Each States A.G.'s Office would have the rights to communicate with the other 49 State's A.G. Offices on Tax Exempt Companies and slow down the abuse of these Tax Exemptions. I feel that $1 Million a year to me is fair. They can either buy me out in the beginning or pay me $ One Million up front and $ One Million a year after that until they are ready to buy me out in the future. They can offer me any amount they choose in the future. The more they wait, the more I make, yearly. If they choose, they can use my name and declare a "Working Collateral" on the $50 Million in Stimulus Grant/Grants collectively. As the 50 States make more than the $50 Million Dollars and have the ability, they can return the Federal Stimulus Grant back to the Federal Government, for another "Stimulus Grant Pilot Program". It would cost each State 1/50Th of a Million a year, to pay me by the year. One Million divided by 50 equals, $20,000.00 per State. Heck if each State paid me $40,000.00 up front, equally and collectively, I would receive $2,000,000.00. and they would have $48 Million to use together and make money. 10 Billboards per State equals $1,000,000.00 if they charge $100,000.00 per sign use by the year. Deduct the $20,000.00 form this $1,000,000.00 and the State's makes $980,000.00 in the first year and $1,000,000.00 each year after. Billboards can be two sided. Double the money per State per year. $1,980,000.00 in the first year, gross. Then $2,000,000.00 a year after that. Each State only has to reimburse 1/50Th of the $50,000,000.00 Federal Stimulus back to the Federal Government. They can do this in 2 years. Then they are eligible to redo the $50,000,000.00 in another Stimulus Grant. I would be happy with the $1,000,000.00 and all the States A.G.'s can be happy collecting money for their States from the other 49 State's. I will be e-mailing all the A.G.'s in the United States and updating you as I get updates. They will be able to use all or none of this concept and they will be able to change it to reflect each States Laws.

I will have to be paid/contracted for this concept/idea, as a "Private Citizen". Kansas Law allows this. I am requesting this as a "Private Citizen, not a Candidate for Governor". The Kansas Law allows the separation of the two. Both, Citizen and Candidate.

Herbert West 3rd, 1-913-294-9375 west.herb@yahoo.com

**Update** April 05, 2010**

There are 19,429 Municipalities in the U.S.A.. If each gave me $100.00 I would receive $1,942,900.00. If each gave me $50.00 I would receive $971,145.00. Let them know you interested as a citizen of these cities. Thanks again,

**Update** April 26TH, 2010.**

I e-mailed the VFW Headquarters in KCMO today. So far their position is, "I forfeited my idea for e-mailing them". I say, "Bullshit"!! They can be reached at 1-816-756-3390 or vfw.org I also contacted The Department of Kansas VFW. They are at 1-785-272-6463 or ksvfw.org

My update to them was, "Tab Tournaments".

1. Members of member only lounges, like the VFW's, would each be allowed to participate. Each member who wants to participate all buy the same menu item. Then they have their tournament. The winner gets the money paid for the menu item placed on their "TAB". 18 people play in a Tournament and the winner gets the money for the 18 menu orders. They buy what they feel like once the money is on their TAB. The lounge makes money when these members buy items from the lounges menu. I also showed where the other ideas above would generate $5,000,000.00, $5 million, a year into the VFW. I asked for $14,000.00. Yea, $300.00 per State times 50 States and they generate $5,000,000.00 for themselves. So far I got, "SCREWED"! If the VFW uses this concept at all without my permission, I will file a Law suit on their ASS!

**Update** **May 19TH, 2010.**

I e-mailed SBC AT&T and am hoping to communicate with them and see if they pick up my Advertisement/Raffle Inbox Concept, and use it in the SBC AT&T Company. They can also use it as a "Screen Saver" technology. Again, the concept is mine to sell or use. Any attempt to use it without my permission is "Claim Jumping" and it is illegal. Same with the "Tab Tournaments". Thanks, again.

**Update May 21ST, 2010**.

Also see:..



**Update** **August 9TH, 2010**

Walmart store manager Dustin Lansdown drops the ball! He is the store manager at the Paola Kansas Walmart. I will post the letter I hand delivered and I will also elaborate on the outcome.

To: Manager Dustin Lansdown
Walmart Super Center
310 Hedge Lane Rd.
Paola Kansas, 66071

Sir, I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for allowing me to submit this communication to customer service, as discussed, August 2ND, 2010. I respect that Wal-mart doesn't allow solicitations. I further respect that they don't get involved in politics. I have a few ideas that might be appealing to Wal-mart. I am a candidate for Miami County Sheriff, 2012. I have until August of 2012 to convince people that I am the best candidate for the job. I see a lot of favoritism and corruption in Miami County. I see a lot of peoples rights being denied. Fortunately I am allowed to except monies as a private individual. I am not looking for charity or hand outs. I will list my ideas below.

1. "Truck Load Sale".

I understand that the traditional truck load sale is already in place at grocery stores. In the rules and allowance of use, in the campaign and regulations, I can either buy and resell as a fund raiser or I can get a loan as items or money for items to resell. I am not required to obtain a business license and will not be collecting sales tax. All that is required is that I pay the loan off before August 2ND, 2012 at noon, in full. Imagine if Wal-mart would allow their trucks in the front of your parking lot for one day. On this truck or on a few trucks are canned goods. They are there as a loan to my campaign. I get them at cost or a contracted price as a loan. The canned goods don't leave Wal-mart's possession because they are on Walmart's trucks. I would mark up each case and this would facilitate a profit into my campaign. Example, a case costs me $3.00. I sell it for $4.00. I pay Walmart there $3.00 to satisfy the loan and my campaign makes $1.00. As you are aware, people will want more than the select few items from the trucks. They would most likely shop inside the Wal-mart store for these items. Any cases that do not sell are adjusted in the loan agreement. If 500 case are returned or not sold, I would only owe for the cases I sell as a fund raiser. I can stipulate the contribution is paid in cash to guarantee that Walmart gets paid that day so I don't have to wait for checks to clear. The staff or volunteers would have to be worked out to secure Walmart goods and secure Walmart's store and parking lot.

2. "Business Card Raffle".

Imagine 50 businesses paying $10.00 for a drawing. They would get their business card, on a poster with each other as an advertisement. People would walk by this poster and read these business advertisement cards as a poster. Below the poster would be a barrel for people who are, 18 or older, with ID to drop off 3 by 5 cards with their name, address and birthday. Yes sir, they drop them off for free. They can already have these cards filled out or if Walmart wants, they sell the 3 by 5 cards already. This would go on for 2 weeks. Then a winner would be drawn. The winner would receive a $500.00 Walmart Gift Card or a Walmart Visa Money Card. Then the winner would be displayed, and the businesses would remain posted to thank all those who participated. that is 4 weeks of advertising in the Walmart store. Where doe's the $500.00 come from? 50 businesses at $10.00 each for a 2 week advertisement/drawing is $500.00. The UPS Store has great prices on posters and are usually as local as the areas that have Walmart's. Imagine giving away $6,000.00 a year to your customers. the businesses, if they do this year round, would spend $120.00 for advertising in the busiest business in Miami County Kansas. They can deduct the $120.00 from their income taxes as a business expense. They get more local use for their dollars than the benefit from payiong State and Federal taxes.

3. "Warning Placards".

Imagine the yellow, "Slippery When Wet", placards on sign boards hanging in the store. This would remind people that the floors sometimes are slippery and wet. This would help with safety. I do acknowledge Walmart stores are very clean and safe. Customers don't always report spills and some move the floor placards as they shop.

4. "So this is not a solicitation".

Imagine Walmart deciding to pay me $1,000.00 per State for these ideas. That would be $50,000.00 dollars to me. To make it a, "Commission", instead of a, "Solicitation", they would need to retain or place a greater amount than the $50,000.00 in their corporate office. The $50,000.00 would be a minority amount compared to the majority amount that Walmart retained. The majority amount they retained, secures, the ideas to them and allows them to offset that amount from taxes. It becomes a justified business expense. They would use the retained majority to market, facilitate and pilot the ideas. I would not be allowed the information as to how much the majority amount is. I don't work for Walmart. I would be receiving a "non-employee commission".

In closing, I am not looking for charity. I realize that Walmarts Corporate may not allow any of these ideas. I am on disability and trying to win an election. I cannot receive over a $500.00 contribution froma single business or individual. The amount that Walmart gives me would be as a self employeed private individual. I can give unlimited to my own campaign. I am currently using some of my disability income every month for now.

Walmart's Corporate Office or yourself, can reach The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission at 1-785-296-4219 or http://kansas.gov/ethics/ and the Miami County Kansas, County Clerk at 1-913-294-3976 or http://miamicountyks.org/clerk.html

Regardless of corporates decision, thanks for allowing me to correspond.

Herbert West 3rd,
Candidate for Sheriff
Miami County Kansas, 2012.
803 S. East Street
Paola Kansas, 66071


Walmart Manager Dustin Lansdown decided that Walmart was not interested in my ideas. He further refused to forward the ideas to the Regional, District or Corporate Managers or Offices for their review. He conducted hisself as the Store, District, Regional and Corporate Manager. If I was those other 3 people, I would be upset. I called 1-800-walmart and filed a complaint and am awaiting a responce. Until then customers have the right to read this article/opinion and decide how they feel. I will be using my ideas elsewhere. Walmart, nor their Managers can steal or claim jump others out of their ideas. Help me prove that to them. Look at how you would feel if they ripped you off!!! Thanks,

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.


**Update** **August 10TH, 2010**

I recieved a blog responce from a jerk using the name, "Mike Hunt". See it, click here , and my responce, click here . Don't forget, you can read up on my bid for Sheriff 2012 at www.holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/ and at http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-am-legal-sheriff-of-miami-county.htmlHerbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.


**Update** December, 28TH, 2010**

I feel it is no more than fair that Google be contacted and that my idea gets up and running. Here is my latest version.

A business contacts Google/Blogger and Google/Blogger collects $500.00 and places that businesses websites conact info on my website/page on Blogger. Google/Blogger keeps $50.00 and the Bank I use collects $50.00. I receive $400.00 and my advertisement company is up and running. Google can reserve, every City, County and State as a Blog page set up. I would list the businesses by catagory and by City, County and State. Each, "Subway", "McDonald's", "Wal-Mart" etc:.. would each pay the $500.00 for each addressed store/location. Google/Blogger could set up and help write my website. Any Independant Business would also pay $500.00 for one years advertising. If they have a YAHOO, AOL, Cox, or any other website source medium, they can still use my Google/Blogger website. They still have to pay the $500.00 like everyone else. I am not charging for the template/webpage design, as that would breech Google/Bloggers Terms of Service Aggreement. I am charging for the advertiseing space on my website. Google/Blogger could set up a tutorial and I would require template #189 and Google/Blooger could set up prompt pages and these businesses could follow these tutorals and then pay the $500.00 for the advertising on my website. Google/Blogger could also set up "Template Prompt Pages" for each "Template" and these Google/Blogger customers, are not required to pay me the $500.00. The $500.00 is the fee I require to allow them to be advertised on my webpage/website. I want to call my webpage/website, "U.S.A.BusinessAdvertisments.blogspot.com". I will be setting up a, "Not-For-Profit", with my income from this project. I hope to be allowed to require template #189 because I am familiar with it and it is easier to manage. If Google/Blogger wants, they can allow any and all templates from Google/Blogger. I will respect and honor this, and any other Google/Blogger Rules, Terms of Services or Declarations they may "DEMAND"! I also am declaring that I am also wanting to do this idea/company and I am wanting to withdraw the, "Raffle Portion", at this time. I am wanting to simplify this Company/Idea and hold the "Raffle" portion in reserve status.

Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd. I am allowed to do personal Non-Campaign things. Consider this, post and update/dates, one of them.

Copyright {C} Herbert West 3rd. See, "Poor Mans Copyright" .